Grand Strand Chapter

Grand Strand Chapter 2018 Board of Directors: 

President  David A Townsend CAPT  USN Retired

Phone: 843-907-1763 Email:  

1st Vice President   Randy Dymond USA LTC Retired

Phone: 315-271-3069 Email:  

2nd Vice President  John E. Bradley, CDR  USN  Retired

Phone: 727-771-3712  Email:    

Secretary   Kelly Sharbel CPT Army Former

Phone: 703-360-3477 Email:  

Treasurer   Stephen A Prince USN CAPT Retired

Phone: 703-304-7398 Email:  

Legislative Chair   Jimmy O Jacobs USA COL Retired

Phone: 843-839-0359  Email:

Membership Chair   John E. Bradley, CDR  USN Retired

Phone:  727-771-3712  Email:  

Newsletter Editor   Kelly Sharbel CPT Army Former

Phone: 703-360-3477  Email:  

Past President     Gregory B Youngman USA CPT Former

Phone: 973-714-5073  Email:   

Scholarship Chair          Hans Duerr USA COL Retired

Phone:  843-692-9029   Email:

ROTC Chair     Gregory B Youngman USA CPT Former

Phone: 973-714-5073  Email:   

JROTC Chair          Carradean L Brown USN CAPT Retired

Phone:  843-520-4753    Email:

Webmaster        John Bradley  CDR  USN  Retired

Phone: 727-771-3712   Email:

TOPS/Transition Officer       Harry W Stewart USA LTC Retired

Phone:  843-808-9172     Email: 

Chaplain/Member Personal Affairs     Greg W Hill USA COL Retired

Phone: 843-231-4507 Email: 

Surviving Spouse Liaison     Melody Wages LCDR USNR Former

Phone:  843-449-5780    Email: 

Fund-raising Chair   Greg Youngman  USA  CPT  Former

Phone:   973-714-5073     Email: 

Public Relations/Affairs           Roger Pilcher USMC LTC Retired

Phone:  843-449-6807  Email: 

Program Chairman               Randy Dymond USA LTC Retired

Phone:    315-271-3069   Email: 

Personal Affairs/Veterans Outreach     Mike Freeman CDR USN Ret

Phone:   803-371-5972    Email:  


Historian             Bill Warner  USN CAPT Retired

Phone:  843-236-8136   Email: 


Social Director             Gerald C Terwilliger Jr. USA MAJ Active

Phone:  843-903-4047   Email: 

Hospitality       Melody Wages USN LtCdr   Former

Phone:  843-449-5780  Email:

SC State Guard Liaison           Gerald C Terwilliger Jr. USA MAJ Active (SG)

Phone:  843-903-4047    Email:

Military Appreciation Month Liaison      Gerald C Terwilliger Jr. USA MAJ Active (SG)

Phone: 843-903-4047  Email:

At-Large      James R. Albert    USAF  LTC  Retired              

 Phone 203-509-8555    Email:  

Temporary (as needed):

Golf Tournament Chairman        David Townsend  CAPT  USN  Retired

Phone: 843-907-1763 Email:   

 Assistant Golf Tournament Chairman:

John Short  USPHS CAPT Retired

Phone:  843-650-4345   Email:


Please contact any of the above Board members by e-mail to keep them advised of any member information or changes.

MOAA Grand Strand Chapter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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